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I am a Graphic Designer

and this is my creative space

Study Palooza

Imagine walking into the library during finals week and stepping into a space where stress seems to melt away. I love creating that cozy and friendly atmosphere with cute themes. They add a sprinkle of joy to your day and make studying a little bit easier to handle. That's why I enjoy incorporating them—it's about creating a space where people can feel relaxed and focused, even during intense periods like finals week.

Glow Recipe Rebrand

In the rebranding process, I focused on highlighting the brand’s thematic element: fruits. The distinctive mark I crafted resembles a flower, with the top diamond symbolizing the bloom, the side diamonds representing leaves, and the one below depicting a stem. I opted for flowers as they symbolize the genesis of fruits following a flower’s bloom.

The rebranding of Glow Recipe infuses the brand with a sense of nurturing, refreshment, and revitalization, encapsulating the very essence of an exceptional skincare brand in just three words.

Edisco App Design

Edisco is a fictional app I've designed on Figma. It is for parents to create tasks fun for their children. 

Volkswagen Website

When designing this website, I aimed to give it a classic vintage look, inspired by the nostalgic elements. I wanted to bring the charm and character of past eras into the digital world, capturing that vintage feel seamlessly.

Why Filipinos love love songs?

This is a motion design project created on After Effects and Illustrator. It explains why Filipinos love romance.

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